Comment: Stopping investment is in no one’s interest

Holly AbbottUncategorized

Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

A councillor from Worcester has recently claimed that investment in the city may “pause” following the Brexit vote. Adrian Gregson says that local employers may put off investment decisions due to economic uncertainty.

Investment seems a hot topic at the moment. Today, the Chancellor announced planned cuts to corporation tax to encourage investment.

It may turn out that this is all slightly overplayed. Foreign direct investment in particular was booming in the month leading up to the vote. Seeing as the polls have been tight for a long time, it seems a bit unrealistic to suggest businesses are now faced with overwhelming uncertainty, even if the circumstances have indeed changed.

It’s important for all businesses to understand and face reality. However, fear can become paralysing. I have seen individuals and businesses develop a ‘fear of failure’ (or atychiphobia, if you want to get technical). They become so afraid of making decisions and moving forward that they collapse. As important as it is to know your limitations and understand your environment, in business – as in life – sometimes you just have to keep going and stay positive.

For our part, Spirit Ventures is continuing to invest. We’re aiming to create 10 new posts this year, including starting our new apprenticeship scheme. Our commitment to our ambitious growth plans is unwavering. We know that if we stop, others will happily overtake us.